Nancy Loring, Conductor
Elizabeth Gage, Director and Accompanist

May 28, 1946 program   Veterans Hall  
Brahms Requiem

Nancy Loring,  Conductor
Archibald Davison, Guest Conductor
Elizabeth Gage, Director

May 27, 1947 program     Veterans Hall
Buxtehude: Rejoice Beloved Christians
Brahms: Song of Fate
Vaughn Williams: In Windsor Forest

Nancy Loring, Conductor

May 25, 1948 program   Veterans Hall
Bach: Mass in B Minor

May 24, 1949 program    Veterans Hall
Mozart: Requiem

May 23, 1950 program   Veterans Hall
Bach: Passion According to St. John

May 22, 1951 program   Veterans Hall   
Brahms: A German Requiem

May 20, 1952 program   Veterans Hall
Guest Conductor, Archibald T Davison
Bach: Mass in B Minor

May 19, 1953 program   The Armory
Handel: Messiah

May 25, 1954 program    The Armory 
Bach: Passion According to St. Matthew

May 24, 1955 program  Veterans Hall
Archibald T. Davison, Conductor
22 pieces - see program

Dec 13, 1955 program   Concord High School
Four Traditional Carols
Davis: This is Noel

May 22, 1956 program   Concord High School
Mendelssohn: Elijah

May 21, 1957 program   Concord High School   
Fauré: Requiem
Bach: Awake Thou Wintry Earth
Brahms: O Heart Subdued with Grieving
Bach: Sighing Weeping, The Lamb that was Slain for Us

May 20, 1958 program     Concord High School  
Bach: Mass in B-Minor

Edward H. Howard, Music Director

Jan 18, 1960 program      Concord High School   
Rosinni: Petite Messe Solennelle

May 17, 1960 program        Concord High School 
Brahms: Festival and Commemoration Pieces
Mozart: Coronation Mass

Jan 31, 1961 program      Concord-Carlisle High School   
Bach: Jesu, meine Freude
Bach: Christ lag in Todesbanden
Bach: Watchet auf, ruft uns die Stimme

May 22, 1961   (Concord Arts Festival) Haydn: Creation    

Richard B. Rosewall, Music Director

Dec 15, 1961 program       Emerson Jr. High   
Bach: Magnificat in D
Britten: Ceremony of Carols

May 18, 1962 program      Concord-Carlisle High School   
Honnegger: King David

Dec 14, 1962 program      Trinitarian Congregational Church   
Mendelssohn: St. Paul Oratorio

May 10, 1963 program        Concord-Carlisle High School   
Mozart: Vesperae Solennes de Confessore
Thompson: The Peaceable Kingdom

Lorna Cooke DeVaron, Music Director

Dec 17, 1963 program          Trinity Episcopal Church   
Bruckner: Mass in E Minor
Vivaldi: Magnificat in G Minor
Pinkham: Christmas Cantata

May 6, 1964 program           Xavier High School   
Bach: Singet dem Herrn
Mozart: Great Mass in C Minor

Jan 26, 1965 program          Xavier High School    
Bach: Magnificat
Della Joio: A Psalm of David

May 14, 1965 program          Xavier High School   
Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass
Brahms: Nanie
Copland: Two excerpts from The Tender Land

Thomas Vasil, Music Director

Dec 21, 1965 program         Xavier High School
Bach: Christmas Oratorio

May 13, 1966 program         Xavier High School
Handel: Sixth Chandos Anthem,
             "O Praise the Lord with One Consent"
Schubert: Mass in G
Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms

Dec 14, 1966 program        Concord-Carlisle High School
Gabrielli: Jubilate Deo
Schutz: Deutches Magnificat
French Christmas Carols:
 Ralph Vaughn Williams: Fantasia on Christmas Carols

Apr 26, 1967 program           Concord-Carlisle High School
Vivaldi: Chamber Music
Britten: Festival Te Deum

Robert Wentworth, Music Director

Dec 13, 1967 program          Concord-Carlisle High School
Buxtehude: Das Neugebor'ne Lindelin
Poulenc: Three Motets for the Season of Christmas
Britten: A Cermony of Carols

Edward Gilday, Music Director

Nov 19, 1968 program (CO)   Concord-Carlisle High School
Attilio Poto, Conductor
Verdi: Aida

Dec 13, 1968 program            Concord-Carlisle High School
Hovhaness: Alleluia
Davis: This is Noel
Thompson, Schull, Thiman, Howells, Besly, Gilday

May 11, 1969 program          Concord-Carlisle High School
Percell: Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary
Kodaly: Missa Brevis

Dec 16, 1969 program             Xavier High School
Dickenson, Warrell, Graun, Peeters, Berlioz, Fletcher, Niles, Kloss,Mendelssohn, Smit, Christianson, Sweelink, Frackenpohl: The Shepherds's Story

May 19, 1970 program         Concord-Carlisle High School
Mozart: Regina Coeli
Buxtehude: Missa Brevis
Lambert: The Rio Grande
Thompson: The Peaceable Kingdom
Persichetti: Celebrations (Cantata No. 3)

Dec 11, 1970 program         Concord-Carlisle High School
Tschesnokov, Gevaert, Dello Joio, Beesom, McCrae
A Wreath of Carols
May 8, 1971 program              Xavier High School
Verdi: Requiem

Jan 14, 1972 program           Concord-Carlisle High School
Bruckner: Mass in E Minor
Stravinsky: Mass
Gilday: Nocturne for Voices
Schoenberg: Peace on Earth

May 13, 1972 program           Concord-Carlisle High School
Thompson: Passion According to St. Luke

Mar 2, 1973 program              Trinity Church
Liszt: Missa Choralis
Bach: Christ Lay in the Bonds of Death
Delius: Songs of Farewell
Berger: Brazilian Psalm

Apr 7, 1973 program (CO)      Concord-Carlisle High School
Mahler: Symphony No. 3                 

Apr 28, 1973 program               
Mendelssohn: Elijah

Dec 14, 1973 program            Concord-Carlisle High School
Haydn, Brahms, Debussy, Pinkham, Willan, Thompson, Burroughs, howells, Emery, Cowell, Luboff, Corigliano

Apr 5, 1974 program (CO)       Concord-Carlisle High School
Haydn: The Creation           

Jan 17, 1975 program 
Handel, Carissimi, Gallus, Gabrielli, Mozart, Bright, Ives, Nelhybel
Faure: Requiem       

May 28, 1975 program            Concord-Carlisle High School          
Davis: The Shot Heard Round the World
Biggs: Paul Revere's Ride
Kay: What's in a Name
DeCormier: Revolutionary Portrait
Berger: A Different Drummer
Thompson: The Gift Outright (Commissioned)
   Ballad of the Bridge
   The Gift Outright

Joyce Bynam, Music Director

Nov 15, 1975 program          First Parish Church
Pachelbel: Jauchzet dem Herrn
Britten: Rejoice in the Lamb
Bruckner: Mass in E Minor

Feb 7, 1976 program   (joint CC and CO)         Concord-Carlisle High School
Brahms: Ein DeutschesRequiem

Apr 3, 1976 program (CO)       51 Walden Street
McKeel: Toward the Source

May 2, 1976 program               First Parish Church
Schubert: Mass in G
Vivaldi: Gloria in D

Dec 12, 1976 program             
Purcell: Te Deum Laudamus
Purcell: Jubilate Deo
Pinkham: Christmas Cantata
Bach: Magnificat

Feb 4, 1977 program (joint CC and CO)  51 Walden Street
Mendelssohn: Die Erste Valpurgisnact

Jun 3, 1977 program             51 Walden Street
Mozart: VesperaeSolennes de Confessore
Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzer
Bernstein: French Choruses from The Lark

Sidney Case, Music Director

Dec 4, 1977 program  
Bach: Singet dem Herrn
Mozart: Venite Populi
Brahms: Marienlieder
Mozart: Regina Coeli
Mozart: Te Deum

May 6, 1978 program              
Mozart: Missa Brevis in C
Mozart: Ave Verum Corpus
Mozart: Offertory Misericordias Domini
Mozart: Requiem

Dec 16, 1978 program       Sentry Auditorium
Bach: Magnifcat
arr. Gormer: Four Celtic Carols
arr. Shaw: The Many Moods of Christmas

Mar 10, 1979 program    
Brahms: Two Motets, Opus 74
Hindemith: Chansons
Vaughn Williams: Mass in G Minor

May 19, 1979 program    Sentry Auditorium      
Handel: Dettingen Te Deum
Haydn: Mass in Time of War 

Tom Hall, Music Director

Jan 26, 1980 program
Pergolesi: Magnificat
Schubert: Stabat Mater D. 383 (Klopstock)
Mozart: Mass in C major (Coronation)

May 3, 1980 program     Trinity Church, 
May 4, 1980       First Parish Church United, Westford
Brahms, Barber, Haydn, Holst, Vaughn Williams, Britten

Dec 13, 1980 program           Trinity Church
arr. Hall/Lloyd: The Music of Christmas
Handel, Bach, Britten

May 2, 1981 program            Sentry Auditorium
Haydn: Die Schöpfung

Dec 13, 1981 program          Sentry Auditorium
The Music of Christmas
   Handel, Bach, Praetorius, Berlioz, Durufle, Leontovich, Vivaldi

Jan 23, 1982 program         Sentry Auditorium
Brahms: Schicksalslied
Brahms: Nänie
Cornell: Three Sea Drift Poems (Premiere)
Vaughn Williams: Five Mystical Songs

May 22, 1982 program        Sentry Auditorium
Mendelssohn: Elijah


F. John Adams, Music Director

Dec 12, 1982 program             Sentry Auditorium
arr. Hall, Lloyd: The Music of Christmas
   Handel, Stravinsky, C.P.E. Bach, Praetorius, 
   Schütz, Vittoria,  Schütz, Berlioz, Bach, Handel
Mar 12, 1983 program              Cary Hall, Lexington
Britten: War Requiem

Mar 13, 1983 program (WR)    Mechanics Hall, Worcester
Britten: War Requiem

May 22, 1983 program             Sentry Auditorium
Schubert: Mass in G
Mozart: Vesperae de Dominica

Dec 11, 1983 program             Trinity Episcopal Church
The Music of Christmas
   Britten: A Ceremony of Carols,
  Des Prez, Bach, Handel
Mar 4, 1984 program                Trinity Episcopal Church
Vaughn Williams: Mass in G Minor, The Turtle Dove,
Loch Lomond, Ca' the Yowes, In Windsor Forest

May 5, 1984 program              Cary Hall, Lexington
Orff: Carmina Burana

Dec 8, 1984 program               Trinity Church
The Music of Christmas
 Bruckner, Brahms, Schutz, Poulenc, Berlioz, Bach, Handel

Mar 3, 1985 program                Sentry Auditorium
Brahms: Drei Motetten, op. 110
Brahms: Sieben Lieder, op 62
Stravinsky: Les Noces

Apr 13, 1985 program              Cary Hall, Lexington
Berlioz: Requiem

Apr 14, 1985 program  (WR)   Mechanics Hall, Worcester
Berlioz: Requiem

May 5, 1985 program (NB)      Cathedral of St. Anthony, New Bedford
Berlioz: Requiem

Dec 7, 1985 program               Trinity Episcopal Church
Zallman: Motets on texts from The Poet and Nature (commissioned)
The Music of Christmas
   Holst, Bruckner, Sainte-Saëns, Praetorius, Haydn, Handel
Mar 15, 1986 program             Sentry Auditorium
Haydn: The Seasons

May 4, 1986 program              Cary Hall, Lexington
Poulenc: Gloria
Bruckner: Te Deum

May 11, 1986 program  (NB)   St. Anthony of Padua Church, New Bedford
Mahler: Symphony #2 in C minor "Ressurection"           

Dec 14, 1986 program            Sentry Auditorium
The Music of Christmas
   Mendelssohn Wolf, Vittoria, Britten, Bach, Pearson, Praetorius, Schutz, Handel

Mar 28, 1987 program            The Concord Armory
Beethoven: Symphony No. 9

May 29, 1987 program            Mechanics Hall. Worcester
Beethoven Symphony No. 9

Apr 12, 1987 program (NB)    Zeiterion Theatre, NB
Beethoven: Symphony No. 9

May 30, 1987 program           First Parish Church
Monteverdi: Vespro Della Beata Vergine

Dec 13, 1987 program           Sentry Auditorium
Bach: Magnificat in D Major, Stravinsky, Praetorius, Lassus, Schubert, Handel

Mar 12, 1988 program           The Concord Armory
Haydn: Harmoniemesse
Honegger: King David

Apr 10, 1988 program (GBYSO)     Symphony Hall
Mahler: Symphony No. 2

May 7, 1988 program (MC)    Merrimack College
Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius

May 8, 1988 program            Cary Hall, Lexington 
Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius

Dec 11, 1988 program  Sentry Auditorium
Bach, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Handl, Hersogenberg, Bruckner, Handel

Mar 10, 1989 program  St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Acton
Bruckner: Mass in E Minor
Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms  

May 7, 1989 program (NB) Zeiterion Theatre, New Bedford
Berlioz: Romeo and Juliet

May 13, 1989 program    Cary Hall, Lexington
Berlioz: Romeo and Juliet

Dec 9, 1989 program    Trinity Episcopal Church
Vivaldi: Gloria
The Music of Christmas
Feb 24, 1990 program  St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Acton
Haydn: Te Deum
Bizet: Te Deum
Beethoven: Choral Fantasy

May 19, 1990 program  Cary Hall, Lexington
Verdi: Requiem  

May 20, 1990 program (NB) St. Lawrence Martyr Church, New Bedford
Verdi: Requiem

Dec 8, 1990 program   Trinity Episcopal Church
Eleventh Annual Family Christmas Concert
Mozart, Holst, Handl, Gabrielli, Handel

Feb 1, 1991 program (CO)  Sentry Auditorium
Verdi: MacBeth

Mar 17, 1991 program (NB)  Zeiterion Theater, New Bedford
Bernstein Memorial      

May 4, 1991 program   St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Acton
Mozart: Grand Mass in C Minor
Mozart: Requiem

Oct 18, 1991 program   (CO)    Sentry Center
Dvorak: Hymnus: Heirs of the White Mountain

Dec 15, 1991 program  St. Bernard's Church
Christmas Program

Feb. 29, 1992 program    Trinity Episcopal Church
Brahms, Bartok, Schubert, Bernstein

May 9, 1992 program   St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Acton
Mendelssohn: Elijah  

Dec 14, 1992 program   St. Bernard's Church
Handel: Hallelujah, Amen fron Judas Maccademaeus
Berlioz: L'Enfance du Christ Parts 2 and 3 

Mar 7, 1993 program   St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Acton
An Evening with Beethoven

May 15, 1993 program  Cary Hall, Lexington
Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem

May 16, 1993 program (NB) St. Anthony of Padua Church
Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem

Dec 11, 1993 program   Trinity Episcopal Church
Handel, Bach, Pinkham, Rutter

Mar 4, 1994 program   St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Acton
Mozart: Coronation Mass
Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass 

Mar 6, 1994 program  Merrimack College, N. Andover
Mozart: Coronation Mass
Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass

Apr 30, 1994   Cary Hall, Lexington
Handel: Israel in Egypt

May 1, 1994 program (NB)  Tifereth Israel Synagogue, 
Handel: Israel in Egypt

July 9, 1994 program   (GWF) Cole Chapel, Wheaten College
Handel, Thompson, Brahms, Mascagn
Dec 10, 1994 program  Trinity Episcopal Church
Six Centuries of French Christmas Music

Mar 10, 1995 program  St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Acton
Bach: St. Mathew Passion 

Mar 12, 1995 (MC)  Merrimack College, N. Andover
Bach: St. Mathew Passion

May 21, 1995 program    Cary Hall, Lexington
Viva, Verdi!
Excerpts from Verdi Operas

Dec 16, 1995 program  Pilgrim Congregational Church, Lexington
A Baroque Family Christmas

Apr 13, 1996  Symphony Hall, Boston  (CC and FCS)  
Beethoven: Missa Solemnis

June 1, 1996 program   Cary Hall, Lexington
Brubeck: Wheels, Circles, Quiet as the Moon, (Premiere)
Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzer
Brahms: Neues Liebeslieder  

Dec 14, 1996 program      Trinity Episcopal Church
Buon Natale

Mar 8, 1997 program         Cary Hall, Lexington 
Orff: Catulli Carmina

May 17, 1997 program       Cary Hall, Lexington
Dvorak: Requiem 

May 18, 1997 (NB) program   St. Anthony of Padua Church, New Bedford
Dvorak: Requiem

Dec 13, 1997 program       Trinity Episcopal Church
Frohliche Weihnachten

Feb 28, 1998 program        St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Acton
he Music of Luigi Cherubini

May 16, 1998 program        First Church in Cambridge
Williams: A Sea Symphony
McWain: Symphony of Just Words

May 17, 1998 (NB) program   Zeiterion Theatre, New Bedford
Williams: A Sea Symphony
McWain: Symphony of Just Words

Dec 6, 1998 program         Cary Hall, Lexington
Britten: St. Nicholas

Feb 27, 1999 program        Cary Hall, Lexington
The Music of Giacomo Pucinni

Mar 26, 1999 program (CO)    Mediplex Auditorium
Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera

May 23, 1999 program       Temple Isaiah, Lexington
Block: Avodath Hakodesh

Dec 11 1999 program         Trinity Episcopal Church
A German Christmas

Mar 4, 2000 program           Regis College, Weston
Music of Franz Schubert

May 13, 2000 program        Lincoln-Sudbury High School
Music of the Tsars

Dec 9, 2000 program           Trinity Episcopal Church
A Christmas Concert

Mar 3, 2001 program            St. Camillus Church, Arlington
Bach and Durufle

May 12, 2001 program         Memorial Cong. Church, Sudbury
Classical Masters

Andrea Goodman, Music Director

Dec 9, 2001 program  Sunbridge Auditorium
Poulenc: Gloria, Greg Smith: Gloria

Mar 9, 2002 program  Trinity Episcopal Church
Bruckner, Brahms, Sviridov, Britten, Beach, MacDowell, Chadwick

May 19, 2002 program  Sunbridge Auditorium
Handel: Dettingen Te Deum, Mozart: Mass in C Minor

Nov 16, 2002 program Trinity Episcopal Church
Three Bach Cantatas

Dec 14, 2002 program   Trinity Episcopal Church
Christmas Program  
Readings by Ron Della Chiesa

Mar 8, 2003 program  Trinity Episcopal Church
Mar 9, 2003   St. James Episcopal Church, Gt. Barrington
Moments in Russian Music             

May 17, 2003 program   St. Camillus Church, Arlington
Dvorak:Stabat Mater

Nov 8, 2003 program   Trinity Episcopal Church
Early Baroque Music  

Dec 13, 2003 program  Trinity Episcopal Church
Praetorius, Mozart, Monteverdi, Gabrielli, Respighi, Handel

Mar 13, 2004 program   Trinity Episcopal Church
A Concert of Psalms, Hymns, and Spirituals

May 22, 2004 program    
Trinity Episcopal Church
Dona Nobis Pacem

Ryan Turner, Music Director

Dec 3, 2004 program   Trrinity Episcopal Church
Gloria!  A Christmas Concert

 Feb 27, 2005 program  Memorial Congregational Church, Sudbury
Music for Chorus and Brass

May 7, 2005 program       Holy Family Parish
The Spirit of Song

Dec 2, 2005 program       Trinity Episcopal Church
Magnificat! A Holiday Concert with Brass

Mar 5, 2006 program       Trinity Episcopal Church
Mozart Birthday Bash

May 20, 2006 program    Cary Hall, Lexington
60th Anniversary Concert 

Dec 2, 2006 program       Trinity Episcopal Church
Seasonal Splendor!

May 5, 2007 program      Cary Hall, Lexington
Mendelssohn: Elijah

May 6, 2007 program       City Auditorium, Concord, NH
Mendelssohn, Elijah

Michael McGaghie, Music Director

Dec 8, 2007 program       Trinity Episcopal Church  
Ring in the Holidays!

Mar 15, 2008 program     Concord Academy Chapel
Love is in the Air

May 10, 2008 program    Cary Hall, Lexington

Dec 13, 2008 program     Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School
Et Incarnatus Est       

Mar 14, 2009 program   Elizabeth B Hall Chapel, Concord Academy
At the River

May 17, 2009 program  St. Matthew's Methodist Church, Acton

Dec 12, 2009 program   Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School
Mid-Winter Songs

May 22, 2010 program  St. Camillus Parish, Arlington
Bach: The Passion According to St. John

Dec 11, 2010 program    Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School
Holiday Concert

May 7, 2011 program     The New Church of Concord

Dec 10, 2011 program    Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School
English Carols and Romantic Favorites

May 12, 2012 program   St. Camillus Church, Arlington
Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem   

Kevin Leong, Music Director

Dec 15, 2012 program    Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School
Winter Holiday Concerts
May 18, 2013 program   St. Camillus Church, Arlington
Spring Concert

Dec 14, 2013 program   Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School
Winter Holiday Concerts

May 17, 2014 program   Church of St. Brigid, Lexington
 An Evening of Vespers

Dec 13, 2014 program    Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School 
Winter Holiday Concerts

Mar 27,2015 program (CO)  51 Walden St.
Spangled Stars

May 30, 2015 program  
Church of St. Brigid, Lexington

Dec 12, 2015 program  Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School
Winter Holiday Concerts

May 21, 2016 program  Church of St. Brigid, Lexington
Mozart: Requiem
Schacter: Uriel  (premiere)

Dec 10, 2016 program   Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School
Winter Holiday Concerts

May 20, 2017 program   Church of St. Brigid, Lexington
Bach: Mass in B Minor

Dec 9, 2017 program  Memorial Chapel, Middlesex School
Winter Holiday Concerts